More Than A Magazine

TheHomeMag is more than just a Magazine: it's your Home Improvement Business Marketing Plan.

High Quality, Glossy Magazine Advertising

  • Delivered to the mailboxes of local high-income homeowners
  • Distribution to homes valued in the top 20% of your local area
  • Timely: published every month
  • Distribution list refined every 90 days
  • Beautiful, inspiring, professionally designed call-to-action ads
  • Long shelf life

Quantifiable Return-on-Investment with FREE Call Tracking

  • Unique phone number records all lead calls generated by your ad each month
  • Excel based report provided to you FREE
    • Count the number of leads generated by your ad and calculate your close rate
    • Easily determine the profit generated by your ad each month
  • Never lose track of a customer again
  • Improve how calls are handled by your business internally
  • Create a lead database to contact with special offers and at slow times

Nationwide Web Presence

  • FREE directory listing page
    • Post photos, videos, company information, testimonials
    • Link to your existing web site
    • Take advantage of the power of our SEO rankings
  • FREE mobile optimization
    • QR code in your ad provides one-click access to your phone, directions, etc.


In addition to producing a high quality, full color, and the most respected and trusted home improvement magazine for homeowners, we've positioned ourselves as the nation's most comprehensive home improvement marketing medium.  Not only are we the nation’s fastest growing publication of our kind, with 35 plus locations delivering over 5 million copies per month, we have grown to be one of the largest online home improvement web directories.     

TheHomeMag consistently proves to be the most powerful and quantifiable advertising resource available by affording businesses, such as yours, to cost effectively reach their ideal customer.  By intentionally excluding apartments, condominiums and office buildings, we are ensuring that only buyers in a financial position to maintain and improve their homes are viewing your message.

We are confident that by controlling the audience and the message, you have a far better opportunity of controlling outcome.  In our case, we marry the audience with the right ad and we bring you powerful, profitable results month after month.

It is our vision to inspire people to improve their homes and to create jobs in every community.  We visually inspire homeowners to create their ideal living space using local home improvement businesses.  We connect reputable businesses with select homeowners and we are the best and most trusted name in home improvement.  



Please locate the market nearest you on our locations page or use the contact information below if available to reach a local representative.